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    Sunday at home. Spontaneous party after Dad has a staff meeting with the ranch foremen and hands. I had a bunch of my friends over for a study group. I walk downstairs and the guys say “Hey Brett” and I turn around and say “Be right back” and go get my friends and announce “Fuck this. We are done studying today.” and we all strip down and lube up come downstairs and I announce “Service Station time” and we line up and the staff does not disappoint. Over and over. Dad disappears and orders dinner, which keeps us going till it is time for my buds to head home. School day tomorrow after all.

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    And, at the end of the day, there is Dad. Yesterday he had a very long day at the hospital, with a full complement of residents and four emergencies. And there was me, emerging triumphant from a mind fucker of a physics exam. And we met for dinner downtown. And we went home. And we celebrated on the lanai in the Spring warmth. And life was perfect. No matter how long I live and no matter where my life goes, the memory of Dad inside me will forever sustain me.

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